Joint Statement with SFWKU


Joint Statement by Science Fiction Writers of Korea and Japan
Against Russian Army’s Invasion of Ukraine and Global Nuclear Threat

  1. 1. Science Fiction Writers Union of Korea (SFWUK) and Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ) have separately issued statements against the Russian Army’s Invasion of Ukraine.
    1. 1-1. SFWUK: Statement Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine, March 1, 2022
    2. 1-2. SFWJ board of directors and likeminded members: Statement on Ukraine, March 3, 2022
      URL: /news/20220303214717.html (Japanese)
      URL: /news/20220303221818.html (English)
  2. 2. We, as science fiction writers of neighboring countries to Russia, as thinkers of the future and narrators of possibilities, hereby jointly declare the following:
    • - We unitedly stand against war. Invasion is not a show of force; it is the road to mutual destruction. Russian army must stop this unjustifiable war.

      Мы единодушно против войны. Вторжение будет лишь дорогой к погубе для всех, а никакой демонстрацией силы.
    • - We unitedly stand against nuclear weaponry. Russian government and army must stop posing nuclear threat to the international society. Nuclear weapons put all of humankind, including Russia itself, at[A1] great risk.

      Мы единодушно против ядерного оружия. Правительство и вооруженные силы РФ должны перестать ядерную угрозу международному сообществу. Ядерное оружие является великой опасностью всему человечеству, в том числе и самой России.
    • - We unitedly stand for peace. We stand with the ordinary people of Ukraine: the children, the mothers, the elderly and the disabled, the sick and the caregivers; we support the people who protect them. We also hope that the ordinary people of Russia will not ruin the future of the children of two countries.

      Ми разом за мир. Ми стоїмо разом із простими людьми України: дітьми, матерями, людьми похилого віку, інвалідами, хворими та вихователями; ми підтримуємо людей, які їх захищають. Ми також сподіваємося, що прості люди Росії не зіпсують майбутнє дітей двох країн.

Humans on Earth have already been facing too many crises. We must join forces to build a better world and not destroy the only one we will ever have.

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