Announcement regarding the 43rd Japan SF Grand Prize

19 February 2023.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ) is pleased to announce the 43rd Japan SF Grand Prize. The Winners are Morning Moon (Japanese title: 残月記), written by Masakuni Oda (小田雅久仁), and Critique of Speculative Reason: Collected Essays on Science Fiction, written by Yoshio Aramaki (荒巻義雄).

The SFWJ Japan SF Grand Prize is held annually.  The selection panel is comprised of 5 Judges, all members of SFWJ. This year, they were Gin Kusakami (草上仁), Mari Kotani (小谷真理), Toya Tachihara (立原透耶), Masahiko Inoue (井上雅彦) and Yuki Shasendo (斜線堂有紀).  SFWJ is sponsored and supported by PIXIV Inc (ピクシブ株式会社). and BOOKLISTA Co., Ltd (株式会社ブックリスタ).

By announcing the Japan SF Grand Prize, we honor the science writer Shikano Tshukasa (鹿野司 1959 - 2022), SF writer Yasumi Tsuhara (津原泰水 1964 - 2022), and SF writer Masayoshi Yasugi (八杉将司 1972 - 2021)  as the 43rd Japan SF Grand Prizes Contribution Award. They had contributed Japanese SF scene for many years by writing various works in their career.

Final candidates:

  • Anomalous Papers (異常論文) edited by Kyosuke Higuchi (樋口恭介). An anthology published by Hayakawa Shobo in October 2021.
  • Critique of Speculative Reason: Collected Essays on Science Fiction  (SFする思考 荒巻義雄評論集成) written by Yoshio Aramaki (荒巻義雄). A writing collection published by Takanashi Shobo in November 2021.
  • Morning Moon (残月記) written by Masakuni Oda (小田雅久仁). A novella collection published by Futaba-sha in November 2021.
  • THE MAP AND THE FIST (地図と拳), written by Ogawa Satoshi (小川哲). A novel published by Shuei-sha in June 2022.
  • Kaiju Within (わたしたちの怪獣) written by Mikihiko Hisanaga (久永実木彦). A novelette contributed for Shimi no Techo vol. 6 in August 2022.

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